Deborah Kass

Deborah Kass

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The art for this Deborah Kass’s prescient art truly crosses and erases boundaries as it confounds simple notions of identity by asking not “What are you?” but more importantly “Who are you?”

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Ms. Kass’s “partnering with Andy,” as she called it, continued until 2000 in a series of works called “The Warhol Project” that was widely exhibited throughout the ’90s. Using his glamorizing treatment she celebrated her own pantheon of heroes, from Gertrude Stein to Elizabeth Murray and Pat Steir, painters who infused New York School abstraction with feminist imagery. Ms. Kass also made portraits of herself impersonating both Warhol and his Elizabeth Taylors (in a group she called “Debs”). “It was completely fun inhabiting someone else,” Ms. Kass said.
Hilarie M. Sheets for The New York Times
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